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Wellness Programs

At Starkville Veterinary Hospital, we believe that regular exams are the best way to keep your pet healthy. Frequent physical exams help us establish an overall health profile of your pet and are useful in preventing and treating health problems before they become more difficult, and costly to treat.

Your Pet's Wellness Examination

During a physical exam, Dr. Shy will perform a complete wellness examination of your pet, evaluating your pet's vision and hearing, checking your pet's teeth and oral cavity, examining the joints and muscles for signs of arthritis, palpating the abdomen for signs of swelling and listening to your pet's heart and lungs. An exam is also an excellent time to discuss with us any changes in your pet's health and behavior.

Starkville Pet Vaccinations

Many diseases that were once fatal to pets can now be prevented through the use of vaccinations. In most cases, we provide annual vaccinations unless a titers test proves otherwise. We follow the vaccination requirements set out by the American Animal Hospital Association; however, we understand that every pet may require a different vaccine schedule and can tailor a vaccine regimen to suit your pet.

Health Management

Every pet is different and each requires a different veterinary healthcare management plan. We manage diabetic patients, cats with hyperthyroidism and associated heart and kidney disease, as well as hypothyroidism and hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing's disease) in dogs. We also use esophagostomy tubes to treat anorexia and fatty liver disease in cats, as well as hepatobiliary disease.

Health Care For Every Age and Stage

As pets age, their health care needs change considerably. Puppies and kittens require different medical procedures and tests than a dog or cat in his or her senior years. At Starkville Veterinary Hospital in Starkville, Mississippi, we understand the health care needs that each pet faces during every stage of life. We have devised special health care plans for dogs and cats at three life stages: kitten or puppyhood, adult years, and senior years. Click on the links below to learn about each plan and how it can benefit your pet.

Wellness Plans

Puppy Health Care Plan

Adult Canine Health Care Plan

Senior Canine Health Care Plan

Kitten Health Care Plan

Adult Feline Health Care Plan

Senior Feline Health Care Plan