Living in the Southeast United States has its challenges when it comes to skin diseases with our pets. Our climate and long growing season support an extensive array of trees, shrubs, grasses, weeds, and ornamentals that cause “itchy skin.” Not to mention the fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, mites and other crawling creatures that sting and bite our pets. If that isn’t enough, pets can develop allergies to the proteins they eat in their food and become itchy as well.

Itchy skin “atopic dermatitis” isn’t the only problem our dogs and cats can develop. Sometimes bacteria, yeast and other infectious agents can cause extensive damage to our pets’ normal skin barrier and lead to unsightly rashes, dry skin, and general irritation.

Atopic dermatitis and infections are high on the list, but endocrine diseases such as Cushing’s disease, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism (dogs), and autoimmune disorders can lead to chronic skin diseases that require lifelong treatment.

At Starkville Veterinary Hospital we have the training to diagnose and treat all these skin conditions. Come by and meet us so we can get your pets skin healthy!