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At Starkville Veterinary Hospital, we understand that cancer is a word no pet owner wants to hear in connection with his or her beloved pet’s health. However, cancer is a diagnosis that seems to have become almost commonplace in today’s society, affecting humans as well as our canine and feline companions.

Fortunately, the treatment of cancer in veterinary medicine has been greatly improved in recent years, and safe effective medications have been developed giving your pet the greatest opportunity for recovery. Treatments for cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or any combination of the three that will best destroy the cancerous abnormal cells without damaging the normal cells.

Using his experience and our advanced diagnostic capabilities, Dr. Shy, at Starkville Veterinary Hospital, will evaluate your pet to determine the best treatment for a positive outcome. In addition to surgery, we offer cancer patients in Starkville, Columbus and West Point access to chemotherapy drugs that can slow the growth and kill cancer cells causing tumors and impeding organ function. When used early in the cancer disease process, chemotherapy is often very successful in eradicating cancerous cells in your pet’s body.

Unlike humans, animals tend to have very mild side effects when undergoing chemotherapy. The drugs are typically administered intravenously and done at lower doses over a longer period of time than humans usually receive. Some side effects are vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and loss of energy. Ordinarily, these reactions are mild in nature and your pet will recover fairly quickly.

Cancer is not always a terminal disease. As with any disease state, early detection and treatment is important in achieving the best outcome. Yearly wellness exams and blood work can often help uncover certain types of cancer before treatment becomes extensive.

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