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In-Clinic Diagnostics

At Starkville Veterinary Hospital, our in-house laboratory enables our experienced veterinarian to perform diagnostic testing that helps us get a complete picture of your pet’s health. Blood tests and other laboratory tests identify conditions that may not be detectable during a regular examination.

Having this in-house laboratory allows us to perform a number of blood chemistry tests, including thyroid gland analysis, NSAID therapy, ACTH stimulation tests and dexamethasone suppression tests to evaluate endocrinopathies. Our state-of-the-art laboratory can provide results for dozens of laboratory values often within a matter of minutes.

Results from these blood tests give Dr. Shy the information he needs to monitor organ function, detect parasites, and track the effectiveness of drug therapies. They also assist in the discovery of complicated diseases and in cancer evaluation.

The on-site diagnostic laboratory at Starkville Veterinary Hospital allows our knowledgeable veterinarian to diagnose your pet’s condition quickly and efficiently so he can start the necessary treatment that will get your pet feeling better as soon as possible.

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