Veterinary Care Services In Starkville, MS

We offer a wide range of specialized veterinary services to make your pet's journey to lasting wellness as efficient and effective as possible.

​​​​​​​Emergency Services

Because a medical emergency can happen at any time, Starkville Veterinary Hospital provides emergency care to pet owners in Starkville, Columbus, Louisville, and West Point.

​​​​​​​Digital Radiography

Starkville Veterinary Hospital uses the latest digital radiography technology to diagnose your pet. Diagnostic tools such as x-rays are critical for veterinary hospitals for the simple reason that our pets can’t talk to us and tell us that something is wrong. 

​​​​​​​In-Clinic Diagnostics

At Starkville Veterinary Hospital, our in-house laboratory enables our experienced veterinarian to perform diagnostic testing that helps us get a complete picture of your pet’s health. 

​​​​​​​Internal Medicine

At Starkville Veterinary Hospital our veterinarians diagnose difficult non-surgical cases associated with a pet’s kidneys, liver, spleen, heart, neurologic system, respiratory system, immune system, digestive system, reproductive system, skeletal system, and endocrine systems. 


Starkville Veterinary Hospital offers pet owners in Starkville, Louisville and Columbus, Mississippi an array of the latest diagnostic tools available in veterinary medicine so that we can provide excellence in pet healthcare for your companion pets.


Dr. Shy and the staff at Starkville Veterinary Hospital offer safe, state-of-the-art surgical treatment to pets in the Starkville, Columbus, and West Point, Mississippi areas.


Each year thousands of pets go missing, and many never make it back home to their loved ones. Starkville Veterinary Hospital wants to help you keep track of your pets and make it easier to find them should you ever get separated.


If you live in the communities of Starkville, Columbus, or Louisville, Mississippi, let your pet stay with us at Starkville Veterinary Hospital the next time you go on vacation.


At Starkville Veterinary Hospital, we understand that cancer is a word no pet owner wants to hear in connection with his or her beloved pet’s health. 

​​​​​​​Dental Care

Dental care is more than just preventing bad breath. Periodontal disease is one of the most common—and most preventable—diseases your pet may encounter.


Living in the Southeast United States has its challenges when it comes to skin diseases with our pets

​​​​​​​Heart Worm Testing

Heartworms are parasites that are passed to dogs and cats by mosquitoes. They are found in all 50 states, but are most prevalent in the southern United States due to mosquito populations. 


Like humans, pets can suffer considerably from allergies. A variety of sources ranging from food and fleas to dust, mites, and other irritants, can cause allergic reactions in your pet.

​​​​​​​Laser Surgery

Starkville Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer Starkville, Louisville, and West Point pet owners laser surgery for pets. One of the newest and most innovative ways to perform surgery on your pet, laser surgery uses a “light scalpel” in place of the traditional scalpel.

​​​​​​​Intensive Care

Sometimes our pets need veterinary medical care that requires an overnight stay.  


End of life care is a necessary part of providing comprehensive veterinary care. 

​​​​​​​Nutritional Counseling

At Starkville Veterinary Hospital, we realize that pets, like people, are unique and individual; they have different needs based on their size, age, and health issues.